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» Full cost control
» Fast evaluations
» Low-priced
» User friendly
» Excel based
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Measurement Module
for building trades (e.g. electrical trades, building construction and civil engineering)
Measurement module 2.0
Excel-AddIn with current REB and GAEB Interfaces
EPIC Measurement Module
for building trades (e.g. electrical trades, building construction and civil engineering)
Version 2.0
EPIC Aufmaßmodul 2.0 Menüleiste
You can try the EPIC measurement module before purchasing. Download a 7 day trial version without feature limitations. To further use the software, you have to purchase a full license. We recommend to download our manual for further information.
Please download the installation package here:


The EPIC Measurement Module 2.0 offers the following features:

» Importing Bill of Quantities (BoQ) from GAEB 1990 format (file types D81, D83, D86), GAEB 2000 format (file types P81, P83, P86) and GAEB 2000 XML format (file types X81, X83, X86)
» Importing price lists from GAEB 1990 format (file type D84), GAEB 2000 format (file type P84) and GAEB 2000 XML format (file type X84)
» Supporting BoQs and ordinal numbers with up to 14 places and 5 hierarchy levels
» Importing room lists from Excel files
» Collecting BoQs and room lists manually
» Selecting from different measurement templates in landscape or portrait format
» Checking for incorrect entries
» Importing simple DA11 files (without calculation approaches)
» Importing measurement sheets (e.g. from building site measurement files)
» Printing measurements with or without calculation approaches
» Extensive evaluative options for the control of quantities, cost and accounting
» Evaluation with single masses
» Calculation of the overall costs
» Exporting measurements with or without calculation approaches in DA11, DA11E (REB 23.003 1979 and 2009 format) and DA12 (REB 23.004 format), new: export in X31 format
» Interface to SAP is possible: Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need special interfaces.
» Checking automatically for new program updates
» Dongle licenses are available!

» Easy to use:

» Generating new blank measurements by push of a button
» Copy measurement sheets
» Easy and flexible evaluation options
» for further information please refer to the Manual for Version 2.0

SYSTEM Requirements

The EPIC Measurement Module 2.0 requires:

» Windows XP (SP3) or higher (32bit or 64bit)
» Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher (only 32bit)

Hint: The Measurement Module also runs on Windows 64bit. Only the Excel software is required to be 32bit. By default, Excel is installed in the 32bit version, even on 64bit Windows.

Order a License

You can choose between a job-bound license key and a dongle, which allows you to use the license on different computers. Please fill in the Order form for job-bound licenses or the Order form for dongle licenses. Please save the form and send it to Barbara Adams: info@epic-erfurt.de.

job-bound license key: 250,00 € net
(including taxes: 297,50 €)
dongle license: 325,00 € net
(including taxes: 386,75 €)

To read and fill in the order forms you need the Acrobat Reader.


For more information about the features of the measurement module, please refer to the Manual. For reading the manual you need the Acrobat Reader.


In case your firewall is blocking the automatic updates of the EPIC Measurement Module, you can download the latest program update here:

EPIC_Aufmassmodul_2.0.6509_Update.exe.zip (27/10/2017)

The update contains the following upgrades:
» fixes bug in X31 export


You can give us a call: +49 361-744 37 001.

In case you encounter any problems while using the measurement program, please send us an email to epic-support@online.de. For more information, please refer to the Manual.